We need help! Be apart of the next BIG thing!!!!!

We were delayed in releasing the official beta stages. That put us behind, but remember Rome wasn’t built in a day!

We invite you to our website and ask that you take our survey, and tell us your honest opinion.

If you have been following us, then you know it’s been a long time coming. Please it just takes 5 minutes or less to give us your honest feedback! It would help save another business! We are counting on the WordPress family to help us with this task.

Side note; We do offer paid surveys. After submitting your response it can take up to 48-72 hours to send out your payment

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Ok The Facts Have Been Updated Through Beta

We are in the process of releasing beta programs this week and we know we have questions and concerns about your privacy, and the terms, and conditions this website uses.

We have been so busy creating, marketing, and advertising that we skipped right over the red tap!!!!!! WE ARE HUMAN LOL (Charge it to our minds and not our hearts.)


Our ‘Privacy Policy and ‘Terms and Conditions have been updated.

Learn More About WIYD Multi-Level Marketplace Privacy Policy

Learn More About WIYD Multi-Level Marketplace Terms and Conditions

Vendor Mel-Onae Corner

We are introducing our E-Commerce Marketplace! Our vendors can come and create an affordable e-commerce site!

Is WordPress/Wix/Etsy too costly for the month?

Not receiving all of the functions you need to run your website in one place? ( online payments, credible reviews, Accounting, client accounts, stats/reports, ledger books, and more.)

Does your business need client support after hours free of charge?

Are you trying to gain more exposure and traffic?

Do you love free trials? Grab one today!

Here is one of our sister company sites Mel’Onae Corner

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