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Our Services


We use advanced databases, and software to advertise for different size businesses.


We are the first to say one size does not fit all businesses. With that being said our marketing strategies are individually crafted to meet your business specific needs.


You can come start your business with us and also create your website while your in the process.

Virtual Assistant

We have assigned agents that you will work with specifically. With our website creation being a little complex, these agents will make your website for you, handle your orders, act as your company customer service, and create your bookings etc..

About Us

WIYD Multi-Level Marketplace was funded December 2021 by Jhonna Willis. Jhonna is originally from Louisiana and moved to Texas when she was 4 years old. Jhonna is the original creator of WIYD. I bet your wondering where WIYD comes from?

WIYD is an acronym of “Walking Into Your Destiny”. She has created so many different opportunities for individuals to walk into their destiny by using her platform. Those opportunities range from employment, start up businesses receiving the help and tools they need to be successful, B2B opportunities, Individual exposure etc..

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Why Choose Us

We simply care. We simply want to help. By doing so we offer personalized agent/client relationships, with customized packages that meet your specific business needs.

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