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Partner Loaner Program
What Is Partner Loaner Program?

WIYD Verax are now able to extend our systems, services, and solutions to individuals who would like to make passive income or just another source of income. Individuals (does not have to be business or CDL driver to qualify) can sign their vehicles up to be a company loaner cars to drivers or you can sign yourself up as the driver. Individuals who sign up as drivers will receive a percentage of the route, and if you just signed your vehicle up you will receive commission

Vehicle Loaner Types: Pick-up trucks, vans, box trucks
Loaner Program Details

*Fill out application

*Application MUST be approved (can take up to 3 business days)

*Schedule Consultation (how can we help, what are you looking for, compensation, quotes)

*Quote (approval/denial required for next step)

*Sign contract

*Pay Invoice

(Process can take anywhere from 7-21 days depending on how many vehicles, and contracts are being processed.)

Program Benefits
Apply, Approve, Then What?
Apply- You can apply by clicking this link
Approve- It can take up to 3 business days to get your account approved 

Apply now to see if you qualify!!!

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