Terms And Conditions

Thank you for choosing to shop with Mel’Onae Corner. Please ensure to read and follow these terms and conditions. Appointments booked through melonaeconer.com MUST show up to appointment on time to not receive any fees added to total charge. You are subject to a cancellation fee if you are a no call-no show and will not be able to book without paying full price. Please remember if you want to cancel your appointment, that it should be no later than 24 hours of your appointment. Wigs can be returned up to 24 hrs. of receiving order (Wigs altered ex. cut lace, glue on lace, styled will receive a NO REFUND!) Wigs returned after 24 hrs. can receive store credit. Mel’Onae Corner takes full responsibility for any damaged product, malfunction, wrong products sent, in general when we make a mistake on our end. NO REFUNDS FOR SERVICES PERFORMED AND YOU DID NOT MENTION YOUR DISSATISFICATION AT THE TIME OF YOUR APPOINTMENT, NO REFUNDS – Eyelashes, Sunglasses, hats, etc. Updated 11/12/2021 Time 1:54pm will be updated 11/13/2021 Time 3:00pm



First we would like to show our appreciation! You already got past the hardest step which is, giving us your trust to help manage and build your vendor marketplace.

FIRST 5 VENDORS ARE GOING TO BE IN A FREE TRIAL (This is the time to find out what the foot traffic will look like, revenue made, clientele increase and so much more!

The advantages to this program are:

  •  Conveniency
  • You no longer have to pay for your own ads (google ads, facebook, tiktok, ecommerce market place, and many more !)
  • Your finances/ taxes are being managed all year through quickbooks
  • More exposure
  • Fun membership perks
  • You get to manage your very own store and run it how you see fit

Vendor fees are NON-REFUNDABLE

Membership last 30 days. You MUST RENEW to continue membership!

Memberships starting MARCH 1ST are only $9.99

Vendor fees will be either taken out twice a month or only once, depending on your application.

We do accept kid vendors

Zoom meetings are REQUIRED for seller verification

(We will continue to update this sections for vendors.) updated by Adminmc 1/20/2022 12:49pm