New Jobs Posted!!!!

Sales Agent 2 Teens/ Interns (at least 17 years old)

Link- WIYD Multi-Level Market-place LLC (

30-36 hours a month

Paid weekly after training

$100 base pay after training weekly plus commission

No more than 6 hours a day

Holidays off

Receive a letter of recommendation when departing

Skills used will be a great highlight on resumes (we will also have a professional come and help with resumes)

Learn IT skills

Training is 4 weeks/3 days a week for 3 hours each day

Half of training will be split between beta stages and final release

Training is technically unpaid, but you will receive a $100 payout for completing training. We know it’s not much but you can start earning sales commission as little as your first week!

HR coordinator

Link- WIYD Multi-Level Market-place LLC (

Paid by the job

Each job can range from $50-$200

Event prep (once a week)

Disciplinary Action Team

Schedule interviews (you won’t actually interview)

Follow up on compliance quarterly

Sales Executive Manager

Link- ‎

You will be responsible for managing employees


-Work production


-Help save a sale


Pay every 2 weeks $400 on Friday

A small team to manage after training

20 hours a week/4 days out the week/ minimum 5 hours a day


Training not paid but will receive

-a certificate for joining WIYD Multi-Level Marketplace Corporation

-Small payout of $150 for completing training.

-Training will be a total of 8 weeks broken down


Plus a $300 value WIYD Multi-Level Marketplace gift card.