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Subscription Plans

When your business needs more exposure Roberts E-Commerce has brought commercial advertising to WIYD Multi-Level Marketplace. Advertising videos/ commercials is a great way to put a professional, authentic, short and to the point light on your business.

Videos can include:

  • Voice overs
  • Captions
  • Images and/or Videos for quality movement
  • Accurate information performed by AI

Has your company not been able to perform quality marketing content?

 Roberts E-Commerce will create your business a marketing strategy sheet this sheet can be informative and provide your company with the next steps in marketing. Social marketing includes; 

Facebook (ads, post, reels)

Instagram (ads, posts)

Ticktock (Post, ads)

Pinterest (Post)

LinkedIn (Post, ads, and sales navigator account will be created on behalf of your company.)

WIYD Multi-Level Marketplace LLC & Robert E-Commerce has partnered to bring clients the best advertising and marketing packages available from anywhere else. When a small businesses all the way to start-up businesses all need some sort of exposure to continue to grow. We use the key word "grow" because you can already have an established business but sooner or later business will become stagnate, now unless your ok with the mediocore sales, I assume you would go with the best business descion that doesn't affect your business on a larger scale. Well we have specifically created several packages for businesses like yours. Packages available:

  1. Basic Advertising & Marketing (Free 30-day trial)
  2. Advanced Advertising & Marketing (Free 14-day trial)
  3. Deluxe Advertising, Marketing and Lead Generation (Free 14-day trial)
  4. Supreme Advertising, Marketing, and Advanced Lead  Generations (7-day free trial)
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